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Their Southern American look might fool some, but listen closer and you'll hear that Wood Burnt Red are a UK country rock band like no other.


These five boys have each been playing music together (albeit in different combinations!) for over 15 years, but the pandemic saw all of them unable to perform their art. So, with nothing but his acoustic guitar, pen, paper, and a drop of whiskey, frontman and songwriter Tom Franklin spent his nights endlessly writing country songs, which led him to form the band in the summer of 2020.


Ever since, Wood Burnt Red has been playing across the Midlands and South West, knocking dead crowds with their original writing and energetic performances in a show that leaves you wanting more.

With seven original tracks released, their latest release being 'The Other Side',
and their debut single 'All I Need Is You' gathering more than 150,000 streams,
Wood Burnt Red are set for another huge summer of live music, with new music, and a whole lot of showing the rest of the world what it's been missing.

Head to the Wood Burnt Red Instagram & Facebook to see where they're playing next!

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